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Arabian Peninsula Media Roundup (September 18)

[Solar Energy Research Center near Riyadh, 28 February 2009. Photo by Martin Prochnik] [Solar Energy Research Center near Riyadh, 28 February 2009. Photo by Martin Prochnik]

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on the Arabian Peninsula and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Arabian Peninsula Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Monday night of every week.]

Repression in Bahrain

To Ban or Not to Ban ... Al-Wifaq A blog entry on the Bahraini government's decision on the future of al-Wifaq, on Religion and Politics in Bahrain.

Crisis in Yemen

Yemen's Numan: Power Must Return to the Popular Will Jomana Farhat interviews Yasin Numan, the Secretary General of the Yemeni Socialist Party, who survived an assassination attempt a few days ago, on Al-Akhbar English.

Yemen Says Deployment of US Marines Is Temporary A news report on the Yemeni government's justification for the deployment of US marines, on Reuters.

Arrival of US Marines Stirs up Yemen Politics Jane Ferguson analyzes the repercussion of the deployment of US Marines in Yemen, on Al-Jazeera English.

Yemen Protesters Storm US Embassy - As It Happened Matthew Weaver, Brian Whitaker and Tom McCarthy reports on the protests against the anti-Muslim film in Yemen, in The Guardian.

Reports and Opinions

Suspect Held over Killing of Saudi Policeman A news report on the arrest of a man in Qatif suspected of shooting a policeman, on Gulfnews.

Kuwait- Women in Justice, Public Prosecution A news report on the reactions to the Supreme Judicial Council's decision to hire women in judicial posts.

The YouTube Salvation Mona Kareem analyzes reactions to a YouTube video showing an attack on young actors by an unknown man, on Al-Akhbar English.

Economy & Markets

Qatar in Egypt: Buying Foreign Policy Mohamed al-Khouli analyzes the political aspect of Qatar's plan to invest eighteen billion dollars in Egypt.

Saudi Shuts 100 Lingerie Shops for Hiring Men A news report on the Saudi authorities' decision to close lingerie shops that hire salesmen.

Solar Arabia Summit '12 Kicks off as Interest in Renewable Energy Swells A news report on the Saudi authorities' investment in renewable energy, in Saudi Gazette.

Saudi Arabia Not at Risk of Being Oil Importer, Analyst Says Wael Mahdi writes on the rebuttal of the recent report by Citigroup Inc. that Saudi Arabia will be an importer of oil by 2030.


Sky News Arabia is a Break from Stations with Slanted Coverage Saeed Saeed argues that this new channel "ushers a hitherto rare kind of owner into the Arabic media landscape: a commercial enterprise in territory that is largely, although not wholly, the domain of national governments and political parties," in The National.

Oman Sentenced Blogger in Widening Media Crackdown A news report on the one-year imprisonment of an Omani journalist and blogger, in The Washington Post.

Twitter Entry Brings Imprisonment and Fine Hasan Al Naser writes on the ruling against a young man from Qatif for defamation on Twitter, in Saudi Gazette.


تصريح من المنسق العام للتيار التقدمي الكويتي حول تعيين نساء وكيلات نيابة تمهيدا لدخولهن سلك القضاء
A statment by Dhari al-Rajeeb, head of the Kuwaiti Progressive Current, on the decision to employ women in some judicial posts.

لافتات في قلب الرياض ضد الاعتقال السياسي
A report on the spread of banners against political arrest in Riyadh.

الأزمة السياسية في البحرين والأفق المسدود
Youssef Maki examines the Bahraini political crisis and the absence of any exit.

السيد النمر يدعو الحكومات الإسلامية لاستدعاء سفراءها في واشنطن
A news report on Said Hasan Nimr's call upon the Muslim governments to recall their ambassadors to the United States in response to the anti-Muslim film.

العدالة يدعو السعودية لإطلاق الأطفال ضحايا حرية الرأي والتعبير
The Adala Center for Human Rights calls on the Saudi authorities to immediately release the children who have been arrested during protests in Qatif last year.

تحالف القبيلة والدين والنفط في السعودية
Ja'afar Mohamed al-Shayib analyzes the alliance between tribes, religion and oil in Saudi Arabia.

المجتمع السعودي... والصراعات الفكرية
Hasan bin Salem writes on the Saudi society and intellectual conflicts.

Syrian Population Regression

Population: ~ 17,583,863 (2017 est.)

2011:  5,800+ (killed)

2012:  60,000+ (killed) and 500,000+ (external refugees), 3+ million (internally displaced)

2013:  100,000+ (killed), 2,000,000+ (external refugees), and 8 million+ (internally displaced)

2014: 200,000+ (killed), 3.5+ million (external refugees), 7.6+ million (internally displaced)

2015: 250,000+ (killed), 4.4 million (external refugees), 6.6+ million (internally displaced)

2016: 400,000+ (killed), 4.9+ million (external refugees), 6.3+ million (internally displaced)


Syria Map and Stats

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Population: 17,185,170 (July 2016 est.)
GDP: $24.6 billion (2014 est.); $50.28 billion purchasing power parity (2015 est.)
Unemployment: 50% (2016 est.); Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24): total: 35.8% (male: 26.6%; female: 71.1% [2011 est.])
Internet Users: 5.116 million - 30%/pop. (July 2015 est.)
Exchange Rate: ~ 497.8 Syrian pounds per US dollar (2016 est.)
GDP Growth Rate: -9.9% (2015 est.)
Military Expenditures: 5.9% of GDP (World Rank: 10) (2011 est.)
Health Expenditures: 2.9% of GDP (World Rank: 180) (2011 est.)
Population Growth Rate: 1.56% (2016 est.)
Age Structure: 0-14 years: 31.95% (male 2,815,140/female 2,675,166); 15-24 years: 19.65% (male 1,711,847/female 1,664,814); 25-54 years: 39.03% (male 3,342,264/female 3,364,406); 55-64 years: 5.26% (male 447,205/female 457,525); 65 years and over: 4.11% (male 318,691/female 388,112) (2016 est.)
Literacy: 86.4% (male: 91.7%; female: 81% [2015 est.])
Religious Demographics: Sunni Muslim 74%; other Muslim (includes Alawite, Druze) 16%; Christian (various denominations) 10%
Ethnic Demographics: Arab 90.3%, Kurds, Armenians, and other 9.7%